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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Art lesson...

Term 2 is here. Time flies. Today, the class had their first ceramics lessons in the Art Room. They had to make a pinch pot. Some of the pots were very nice. I remember seeing some cups, some soap dishes and so on.
The class had lots of fun and was asking for more time. I am looking forward to seeing the end products. : )


Blogger Jeevan said...


10:01 PM

Blogger Abrisam said...

Yeah, it was really 100%fun

10:44 AM

Blogger Marisella Wong said... SUPER FUN and i make it wery FUNNY

10:18 PM

Blogger Jerome Wong said...

err..... i think you do not neeed to say until 100% Abrisam!!yup it is fun as next time,it will harden and look nice

8:24 PM


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