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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Celebrating Libraries

I am sure we have all been to a library before. It might be a National Library or our very own school library. Even the readers' cafe is sort of a mini browsing library. As such, we have many experiences to share. Some might be pleasant while others might not.

Our class will be taking part in the "Celebrating Libraries" project. More information can be found here. These are some of the guidelines stated.

Here are tips to help you better relate your experience
• Provide some background. What were your reasons for visiting the library? Which library did you visit?
• Describe in tangible ways how you have benefited from using the libraries or from a librarian’s assistance.
• What made your library experience enriching and memorable?
• Finish with your feelings about the library.

My suggestion would be as follows:

Paragraph 1 - Introduction (gives the setting - which library, why, when, who etc)
Paragraph 2 and/or 3 - Description
Last paragraph - Conclusion (remember to include feelings)

Let's do our best for the project. Who knows what might happen?


Blogger Joshua Ng said...

I wish I can win the 3-G moble phone and come in the tops.

9:04 PM

Blogger Jeevan said...

Me too! i wish I can win everything

10:49 AM

Blogger Abrisam said...

Same for me too.

11:31 AM

Anonymous mr wong said...

Hi Joshua, Jeevan and Abrisam,

Try your best. That is what is most important.

3:14 PM

Blogger Joshua Ng said...

I hope I can win but I think only got 1 percent of wining because there are to many people taking part.

7:40 PM

Anonymous Mr Wong said...

Hi Joshua,

A 1% chance is better than nothing right? keke..

2:30 PM

Blogger Abrisam said...

What Mr.Wong said is right Joshua.At least you tried.

8:09 PM

Blogger Jeevan said...

By the way if we sumbit our entries we could win something, am I right????????

10:40 AM

Anonymous mr wong said...

Hi Jeevan,

That's right. Every entry will be entered into a lucky draw.

9:20 AM

Blogger Joshua Ng said...

YEAh but if u win it is by luck

5:50 PM


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