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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Formal Sample 2


Anonymous Ling Hwee said...

The class is very neat and tidy!

5:45 PM

Anonymous Chester Tan said...

When was this photo taken?

5:45 PM

Anonymous Sasha Nair said...


How come you is standing in front?

5:45 PM

Anonymous Chester Tan said...

Why must we take photo?

5:47 PM

Anonymous xiao han said...

everybody looked so smart but sad

5:48 PM

Anonymous Sasha to Jodie said...


How come you are standing in front?

5:50 PM

Anonymous sorfina said...

From Sorfina,

Every body in this class looks untidy because Miss Sumaya do not tell us it's photo-taking Day!!!!

5:51 PM

Anonymous Esther Ong said...

Mummmm,everyone looks so smart,dont you think?

5:51 PM

Anonymous Ling Hwee said...

Why I stand behind? I so sad!

5:52 PM

Anonymous Ling Hwee said...

Hey? Don't U think Sorfina look smart!

5:55 PM

Anonymous Jodie said...

Mr Wong I can't see Yufei's face properly!!!

5:56 PM

Anonymous qi soon said...


5:58 PM

Anonymous SoRfIn@ said...


***Ling Hwee looks majestic***

6:01 PM

Anonymous Sharifah said...

The background is nice.

11:27 AM

Anonymous gladys said...

Why is Qi Soon's face so angry?

12:49 PM

Blogger jiali said...

i didn come to sch tat day

8:55 PM

Anonymous qi soon said...

For the last time,WHY WAS EVERY ONE SO ANGRY!

11:06 PM


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