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Friday, July 29, 2005

Eye Care Week

Our eyes are precious!

This week, we celebrated eye care week. It started with an assembly talk on Monday by Mr Rashid on the importance on taking care of our eyes. The class has also contributed a sentence or a drawing to the eye care poster that was placed in class. The eye care monitor, Jia Li was also presented with the eye care monitor badge. Let's not forget to take care of our eyes even though the eye care week has ended!

Our eye care monitor, Jia Li

Friday, July 22, 2005

Racial Harmony Day 2005

Today, Singapore celebrates Racial Harmony Day. Singapore is a tiny red dot where people of many races live together in harmony. We have learnt from our past mistakes and realize the importance of racial harmony.

Today, the students wore their ethnic clothing to school to mark this event. Lessons were suspended and a day packed with activity was planned for the students. They got to view exhibits that were put up for them, they had a chance to buy some traditional foodstuff and the primary three students had to come up with a henna design. Some of them were pretty impressive. More photos can be found in the photo gallery.

Racial Harmony Day activities

The Social Studies monitors, Yang Ting and Bevin give us their thoughts.

Today is Racial Harmony Day. We can wear our own clothes to school. This is the only day that I think all of us can wear our home clothes to school. Mr Tan came and gave us a talk on "What is racial harmony?" during assembly. We sat there and listened attentively. After the talk, a group of students led us in singing a song. In the evening, we went to see three booths. They were the Chinese, Malay and Indian booths. I enjoyed myself today.
Contributed by Yang Ting

In traditional costumes...

What a lovely day! I wore a blue chongsam to school. I learnt that we must always be united as a group. United we stand, divided we fall. Do you know how Indians welcome people to their wedding? They use something filled with so called "water" to spray on peoples' head. It has a nice smell. After that, we went to the Chinese booth. I learnt that flower girls who attend Chinese wedding have to wear pink while flower boys have to wear light blue.
Contributed by Bevin

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Visit to the Frog Farm

Frog Farm Visit

The students gathered early in the morning at 0830 and were all excited to visit the frog farm. They were armed with snacks, drinks and caps. They were all feeling excited. When they arrived at the frog farm, they were introduced to the life cycle of the frog and shown the different developmental stages of the tadpoles. Nigel even had the chance to hold a slimy frog which jumped away from him. Following that, the students had a chance to feed the frogs before watching a documentary of the frog farm. Some of them even bought tadpoles! Let's see if they will turn into frogs.

The students returned to school and talked about their experience at the frog farm for the whole day!

Let's listen to what the Science monitors, Krystin and Yu Fei have to say about the trip.

Today, I went to Jurong Frog Farm with my class. We took the bus. When we reached the Frog Farm, we all got out. A lady showed us the stages of a frog life cycle. and got someone to hold a frog. Next, she brought us to a place where we could feed the frogs. There we took some frog food and threw it to the frogs. She then took us to a place where there are many tadpoles. We went to watch a short show and I learnt many things there. I learnt that a female frog lays 10,000 eggs because only some survive and they breathe through their skin. When we came out, we could buy tadpoles for ourselves. I learnt a lot at the Frog Farm
Contributed by Krystin

It was kind of boring and the only fun part was seeing Nigel holding a frog and feeding the frogs. I saw a boy throw a piece of frog food into the tub where the frogs were. A frog jumped and caught it in midair! I also saw a few frogs fighting for food. We saw newborn tadpoles too. They let us watch a video and gave us a booklet about frogs. The booklet states that when the tadpoles are in the egg, they feed on the yolk just like chicks. They are quite similar. After that, we came back to school. How wonderful it was.
Contributed by Yu Fei

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Working on IPW

The class started on their Inter-discipline Project Work (IPW) on model drawing using Powerpoint today. The students were taught how to use Powerpoint to draw models and present their answers. The students worked in groups to brainstorm some possible questions using what they have learnt on the topics on money and length.

Tomorrow is frog farm day. The class must be looking forward to it. RIBBIT!!

For those who do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can use an alternative free software. You can get it here. The steps are rather similar. Feel free to approach me if you need help.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Blogger de la jour

Blogger de la jour

As the class blog has taken off and the response has been great, the students in the class will take turns to provide entries for the blog each school day. The schedule is shown above. A copy of this will be placed in class. As this is a class blog, it would be terrific if each member of the class can contribute though it is not compulsory.

Does anyone knows what "blogger de la jour" means? :)

Friday, July 08, 2005

Introducing the new class committee

Class Committee for Semester 2

Changes has been made to the class committee. The class committee members of the first semester were all awarded with award cards. Well done and a huge thanks to all the hard work put in! Let's do more with this new committee. :)

Birthday celebrations...

June and July Babies

Today, the class celebrated the birthday of the students whose birthday fell in the months of June and July. The classed "shouted" them a birthday song.

On a more serious note, the class learnt that helpfulness might not be that helpful after all. One student left his bag at the bench while he went to take a bite. One of his classmates saw his bag and helped him to take it to the hall. When the student returned from taking a bite, he was shocked to see that his bag was gone. He got very worried. Only after an announcement was made, did the truth come to light.

The students were reminded of the story that was told during Science lesson - helping a butterfly to come out of its cocoon will only harm it because the butterfly will never be able to fly. :(

This would be some food for thought as school takes a break for the weekend. :)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005



It's back to school. Time flies. The holidays are over. Today the class has a hands-on session on using the class blog. They had fun blogging away. The next activity to look out for would be the trip to the frog farm next Thursday!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

MOE ExCEL Fest 2005

The MOE ExCEL Fest was held at Suntec City on 1st and 2nd of July. White Sands Primary School showcased their dancing robots and it was a hit with both parents and the children. More information about the ExCEL Fest can be found here.

The students and teachers of the IT Club worked very hard to prepare for this event. It paid off and the booth was packed even when the festival was closed. Many thanks to the students and teacher who put in so much effort for this event. Kudos!

WSPS's Booth

MOE ExCEL Fest 2005

Packing Up and Heading Home