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Monday, December 11, 2006

The last entry for the year 2006

This will be the last entry for the year. Many events have come and gone since the last post. There was the P4 swimming program and of course the promotion day exercise. We had to bid farewell to some students and welcome others. We also celebrated the birthdays of the year end babies at the swimming pool.


Blogger Marisella Wong said...

hlo long time nosee for so many 'months'anyway we all have fun during swimming lessons anyway i gota say is Happy Birthday to:samantha,azlina,marrisa ...... in the photos..... hope your wishes come true!!!!!!!!

8:58 PM

Anonymous Mr. Wong said...

Hi Sella,

You've said it! The year end is here. May all our wishes come through. All the best for an even better 2007!

1:10 PM

Blogger Azlina said...

hi guys i realy miss you guys but i willrealy study harder next year bye MrWong

10:56 AM

Anonymous Mr. Wong said...

Hi Azlina,

I am sure the class will miss you being around too. All the best for 2007! We'll see each other around in school still. :)

7:57 PM

Blogger Joshua Ng said...

Even thought i went out of sport class i still will excel in sports.And join competitions.

1:39 PM

Anonymous Mr. Wong said...

Hi Joshua,

That's the spirit! All the best for the next year! Study hard and play hard too!

2:53 PM

Blogger Egan Mah said...

Nice song mr wong.

9:39 PM

Anonymous Mr. Wong said...

Hi Egan,

Thanks! I was looking for a "fun" song to go together with the pictures and I found it. The title of the song is "Splish Splash". It is by Bobby Darin.

9:06 AM


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