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Monday, October 31, 2005

Post exam fun

Having fun at the computer lab

The exams are finally over. It's time to relax a little. Time flies. The academic year is coming to a close. Anyone has any suggestions for post exams activity, other than going to the computer lab?

Our next major event for the class would be the BBQ on 19th November. : ) Everyone must be looking forward to it.

Wishing one and all a very Happy Deeparaya!!


Blogger flash Works said...

go to science lab

9:30 AM

Blogger sharifah said...

HiMr Wong,

You are right!!!
I am excited!!I hope it will be the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:04 PM

Blogger jiali said...

Why Take me?!Not my prob right?

8:11 PM

Anonymous mr wong said...

Hi Qi Soon,

What do you suggest we do at the Science lab?

11:44 PM

Anonymous Qi Soon said...

Let's not have our post exam activities only in the school. I suggest we have a outing, like going to the Scince Centre, or we can watch some shows in the classroom or the AVA Room.

And I don't know why I say go to Science Lab. I actually want to say go to science centre.

7:41 PM

Anonymous mr wong said...

Hi Qi Soon,

It was too rush and so the primary 3 did not get to go for an excursion after the SA2. You can always ask your parents to bring you to the Science Centre during the holidays. :)

9:08 PM


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